SmartBoat One
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SmartBoat One is an advanced monitoring system that gives you a complete overview of the condition of your boat at all times. The aim of the system is to reduce the loss of life in the event of an accident and to reduce costly damage to the boat.

It is designed to withstand Norway’s harsh marine environment and can be installed on anything from open center console boats to larger cabin cruisers.

It monitors important factors that can damage the boat, such as bilge water level, battery charge level, sudden movements and shocks, bilge water temperature, and boat theft.

A mobile app with a complete overview of the status of your boat that is stored in memory

You will receive an alert on your mobile phone when something is wrong

Easy do-it-yourself installation in 30 minutes

Waterproof (IPX7) and designed for demanding marine conditions

Maintenance free and automatically updates itself

Operates on its own battery, which charges when the boat is in use

Keeps you up to date on the location of your boat at all times and records all trips

You can share the app with more people to increase security

SmartBoat One

Monitor your boat anytime, anywhere with SmartBoat One

Designed to detect and monitor changes to the boat's key systems and display their status on your mobile phone. You can monitor your boat anywhere, anytime.

You will be notified when something happens

Something unexpected can always happen to your boat in the harbor or at sea. Such is the ownership of a boat. SmartBoat One keeps an eye on your boat and alerts you when needed.

Full control in your hand

With our app, you can always access your boat remotely, so you can check its status at any time. Make sure everything is in order and you can be at ease wherever you are.

Product info

Physical dimensions: 97mm width, 112.5 mm height, 35.5 mm depth

Status lights: RGB (red, green, blue)

Weight: 276.5 grams

Sensors: water level, temperature, accelerometer, battery charge level

Station technology: multi-GNSS receiver

Analog inputs: 3 (Battery 1, Battery 2, Bilge Pump) + GND

Operating voltage: 10-30 V DC

Temperature: -20 ° C <T <60 ° C

Bracket: 28mm depth, 90mm width, 83mm height

Mounting screws: 4

Mobile connections: 4G / LTE built-in modem

Built-in radio: 868 mHz