Marine Fire Suppression Systems

By Reacton Fire Supression

The shipping industry is the lifeblood of the global economy and is responsible for transporting 90% of world trade through international waters. With over 50,000 merchant ships registered to over 150 nations, we rely on seaborne trade and the port they dock in to efficiently move the goods that we buy, make and sell across the globe.

Technically sophisticated, merchant ships, together with their super yacht and cruise liner shipmates, are high valuable assets with complex fuel, machinery and electrical systems. High temperatures, fast air flow and flammable fluids in engine rooms combine to create the ideal environment for fires to start.

On-board fires can spread quickly, causing severe damage to a vessels’ equipment, facilities and structure. With fires typically starting in hidden areas, they can go undetected for some time and rapidly lead to the boat being damaged beyond repair. The risk of injury or loss of life is incredibly high, with many fire locations typically being in out of sight compartments, making emergency firefighting access challenging.

Why Use Marine Fire Suppression?

Harbour management at ports and terminals involves operating heavy equipment to move and stack containers quayside. Gantry cranes, straddle carriers and wheel loaders are the heavy lifters of maritime operations, keeping dockyards operating 24/7. With fire a real and present risk in engine bays of these machines, operations can be brought a standstill if fire strikes.

Fire suppression systems installed in and around fire risk areas of these valuable assets provide passengers, ship owners and port operators with around the clock fire protection. If a fire occurs, Reacton’s system will detect the flame within seconds and deliver an extinguishing agent straight into the heart of the fire. With detection, actuation and delivery all taken care of automatically, there’s no need to rely on human intervention to discover or tackle a fire.

SmartBoat One

Designed to detect and track changes of all your boat´s critical systems, and visualize their status on your mobile phone. Now you can keep track of your boat no matter where you are, all in the palm of your hand.

Automatic Fire Suppression

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